GUGUSHEV FINANCE & ACCOUNTING offers a wide range of accounting and tax services to companies in various industries. The company provides quick and professional advice on current accounting issues, clarification on developments in accounting practice and legislation and advice on any financial accounting and tax issues.

In today’s business environment of rapidly changing legislation and with the constantly increasing legal requirements GUGUSHEV FINANCE & ACCOUNTING is fully informed of the changes in legal requirements. For that reason the accounting house has for a partner the law firm GUGUSHEV & PARTNERS, adhering to the criteria for professional and responsible attitude towards the performance of accounting services and legal advice.

Established in 2007, the accounting house has grown significantly in the recent years. The clients of GUGUSHEV FINANCE & ACCOUNTING have been increasing by 40% every year and our team has been increasing proportionaly, because our company has always strived to achieve a high standard of customer service for our clients who have trusted our experience. Our team consists of professionals in accounting, corporate finance, investment protection and tax law, social and health insurance and everything related to payment of wages. Our extensive experience helps us solve complex cases in tax protection, avoidance of double taxation, planned financing, merger and acquisition, legal tax optimization etc. When working with our clients, we strive to meet your individual needs and requirements, while maintaining strict confidential relationship throughout. Our services follow the established legal requirements along with your own requirements on your monthly statements and administrative services.

Regardless of your business area, you need a reliable business partner to assist you with the practical implementation of your local business projects. GUGUSHEV FINANCE & ACCOUNTING can be of great favour with our comprehensive accounting service and audit, advice for lowering your tax bill in a legitimate way, financial consultations for wide range of financial services, design of efficient business management solutions. Our services are designed to look after your interest, position your business for growth and protect your wealth. Committed to providing informed choices, our highest priority has always been to hold our clients in highest esteem, as we understand how important it is for you to have a loyal partner and trustworthy business advisor.

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