Gugushev & Partners Law Office offers legal services and assistance in the field of immigration law for foreign citizens, including EU citizens and UK citizens wishing to visit or stay short or long term in Bulgaria. Since the reasons for immigration are diverse, we approach each case individually and strive to respond to the specific needs and aims of our clients as much as possible, regardless of whether they are international companies, local companies or individuals who wish to establish a presence in the country or position foreign personnel in Bulgaria. Thanks to our wealth of practical experience representing foreign nationals we can provide effective and high-quality assistance to our individual and business clients and ensure their smooth entry and residence in Bulgaria. 

Our legal services include:

  • consultations regarding the visa regime and the legal grounds and conditions for residence of foreign nationals and EU citizens in Bulgaria
  • advisory on the status of foreign nationals and their family members in Bulgaria
  • advisory on the immigration status of UK citizens and their families in Bulgaria
  • assistance in issuing any type of visa and residence permit (short-term, continuous, long-term or permanent)
  • assistance in extending and renewing visas and the period of residence in Bulgaria
  • consultation and assistance for both obtaining residence and access to the labour market, including for intra-corporate transfer, secondment/business trip, high-skilled employment and other grounds for employment of foreign nationals in Bulgaria
  • advisory in obtaining a residence permit on the basis of investments made in the country, including incorporation of commercial companies, opening of commercial representation office of foreign companies, investments in public companies, securities, certified projects, purchase of real estate, etc.
  • legal assistance and advisory upon applying for Bulgarian citizenship
  • assistance in obtaining Bulgarian ID documents and residence documents of foreigners in the country
  • representation before immigration and other institutions, including the Ministry of Justice, Bulgarian Investment Agency, Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Employment Agency, State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad, credit institutions, investment intermediaries, etc.

Our Experts in This Area

Stefan Gugushev

Founder and Managing Partner

Mihaela Dimitrova

Senior Associate

Notable Clients & Projects

BMA Investment Group Inc., Hong Kong

Gugushev & Partners Law Office advises the biggest ever project done in Bulgarian history for issuance of warrants with an overall value of EUR 3,4 Billion (one of the largest deals of such type in EU). Learn more

M&S UK Holding Limited

Gugushev & Partners Law Office rendered full scope of legal advice to the client and its Bulgarian subsidiaries in relation to the development of two projects in the Razlog region with an overall build up area of around 75 000 square meters. Learn more

Arkel Ltd.

Gugushev & Partners Law Office advises the client, a real estate developer, on various matters in the area of corporate and commercial law, banking and finance, real estate as well as on matters in the field of immigration law. Learn more

IntelliCo Solutions Ltd.

Gugushev & Partners Law Office advises on daily bases IntelliCo Solutions, on various labor and social security matters such as the preparation of full employment package of documents, amendment agreements, termination papers, immigration issues. Learn more