The ninth edition of the Charity Ball of the Jurists was held on December 3, 2021, at the Marinela Hotel.

A significant moment for the event was the awarding of the Grand Prize for Justice to Judge Trendafil Danailov, whose students and family were there with him, and he told the story about the exceptional case "Antonov", in which thanks to him the accusations for the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II against Bulgarian citizens, have been mitigated. The entire legal guild in the courtroom, more than 220 people, stood up and applauded Mr. Danailov, who has worked for over 50 years as a judge and a little over 20 years as a lawyer.

At this year's edition of the Charity Ball, through the auctions for the sale of paintings by famous Bulgarian artists and the raffle, the largest amount so far was raised - BGN 25,400.

The Gugushev & Partners Law Office team is pleased to support the initiative once again and thank the event organizers for continuing to tirelessly fight for a better life for Bulgarian children with cerebral palsy.