Gugushev Finance & Accounting develops its activity following a sustainable business model based on the constant strive for excellence. Our desire to provide our clients with services of the highest quality, as well as our pursuit towards trusted, honest and fair relations with them are at the core of our company philosophy. We strive to maintain the trust gained, aiming to satisfy our clients’ specific needs competently and reliably. We are focusing our efforts on keeping up with the rapid changes that are crucial for the development of the sector, through working in close partnership with the Gugushev & Partners Law Office.

We rely upon loyalty, teamwork, and high standards.


Accounting firm Gugushev Finance & Accounting was established back in 2007 in response to the growing needs for quality and comprehensive clients’ service in the fields of both legal and accounting consultancy, as a partner to Gugushev & Partners Law Office. 

Throughout the years since its establishment, the accounting firm has significantly grown in terms of customer service. The team of the firm, composed of highly specialized professionals, has also increased its scale and expertise. During the years the team grew with specialists in the field of accounting and corporate financing, tax consultancy, employment and payroll. The practical experience gained in resolving various types of cases, such as tax optimization, planned financing, budgeting, avoidance of double taxation and etc., together with the trustworthy and honest relations built with our clients put Gugushev Finance & Accounting among the most sought after and reliable partners.


Our mission is our established goal, towards which we work hard to achieve. We believe in what we do and strive to be a sustainably developing company. We strive to be a partner to our clients, to understand well their problems and needs, and to offer appropriate and effective solutions. We build long-term relations that are based on mutual respect.

Following the path and direction towards achieving our goal, Gugushev Finance & Accounting builds a team of professionals. The members of our team are the most valuable resource we have and therefore we strive to provide a sustainable environment for development and professional realization.